Killing a man is illegal, but not if they draw first.

Duels at high-noon, or any time of day will follow these specific rules.

Dueling Breakdown

  1. Stare-down
  2. Draw!
  3. Fire


First, both characters stare each-other down, giving them each the opportunity to mentally attack their opponent. If they can get in their head during the staredown, it could affect the outcome of the duel.

Players may roll opposed intimidates. If one character beats the other by 5 or more they inflict a -2 to attack roles in the duel. Players may substitute a d20+BaB+Ability Mod of their choice in place of an intimidate. If they do they cannot inflict a penalty on their opponent.


Second, the duelists draw their weapons. This can be due to a clocktower ringing, a shadow hitting a certain spot, or someone just yelling, Draw!"

Each character rolls initiative. They may take a penalty to their BaB (up to their BaB total) and apply it as a bonus to the initiative roll. If both characters roll the same initiative they act simultaneously on the next step.


Third, the characters in initiative order gain a standard action to attack a target of their choice. If they hit, they gain bonus damage based on the attack roll total.

Attack Roll Total Additional Damage
10-14 1d6
15-19 2d6
20-24 3d6
25-29 4d6
+5 +1d6

If combat continues re-roll initiative and run it as normal.


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