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Gold and Wealth

Gold, in Irah, is not just valued because of its beauty. It was found in the Age of Discovery that gold is magic in physical form, and it can be used to fuel magic or magical items. It requires a little processing, but with this discovery gold really became the standard of wealth. With it’s new found use, many nations have begun to issue paper currency, or use other forms of wealth. Gold is still the standard in wealth, however.




Magic Items

The value of magic items are $6 for every gp in value listed on the pathfinder site.


Gold Exchange Value

There are two methods of exchanging gold into dollars. You can go through Richard and Tremblay or through the National Bank. The national bank doesn’t have many branches out west, but will pay more per ounce. R&T also tend not to ask questions. The actual value of gold is $300 to the pound.

Gold Weight R&T Exchange National Bank Exchange
1 troy ounce $17.50 $20.00
1 pound $255.21 $ 291.67

You can also store gold in a bank for 1% it’s value a month.

Monetary Terms

This slang is usually used in the west.

  • 1 bit — 1/8 of a dollar (2 bits = 25¢)
    • 4 bits — 50¢
    • 6 bits — 75¢
  • Eagle — $10 gold piece
    • Double eagle — $20 gold piece
    • Half eagle — $5 gold piece
    • Quarter eagle: $2.50 gold piece
  • V-spots: $5 bills
  • Slug: $50 dollar gold piece


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