Richard and Tremblay

Richard and Tremblay is a merchant company of long standing based in Centrus. In-fact, they founded the first colonists coming to the new world. They are one of the few companies to have expanded themselves out west for the gold rush.

Gangs and Lawmen

The MacDoth Family

The MacDoth’s are a family with a long history. Avoiding persecution in the old country they long ago fled to the new world. Since then they have became a renowned group of mercenary guards. Usually hired to guard gold shipments, they are feared/respected by many outlaws. They charge double the going rate of many other guards, but have a track record of safe shipments to back it up. They always travel by night, and have never had a guarded shipment successfully knocked over… save once by the legendary outlaw Griggs.

The Old Kings

The Old Kings are a group of outlaws. Their leader, Royal Bill, claims to be a direct male descendant of Irah royalty. Whether or not this is true, is unknown, but what is known is that he has a ruthless gang of cutthroats. They are known for their numerous robberies, and always leaving writ signed by Royal Bill himself stating he will pay them back once his throne is reclaimed.

The Red Hand

Saint’s Rangers

These lawmen hold no official ties to any government, though they work very closely with them. They are a group of men and women dedicated to St. Cuthbert who seek to bring order and law to the west. They ignore political lines in order to bring bandits and outlaws to justice.



Centrus is a nation on the far away continent of Irah. There are a few southern colonies still loyal to them. They hold very little power in Ohria, especially in the west. They do however, manipulate the strings of economy.


In the north parts of Ohria, there are many colonies loyal to their founder, Ravensguard. These people are called “Loyalists.” They have had some success venturing west, and a few townships hold their loyalties to Ravensguard. Most notably is Devil’s Bend.

The Goblinoid Confederacy

Unified Colonies of Ohria

Ohria Natives


There are many tribes of centaur living in the untamed lands of Ohria. Most are stoic, noble, and aloof they have had rocky relations with other groups in the past. Many of these tribes are small, but there are a few larger ones.


Goblinoids are not native to Irah. When they first came into contact with human settlers there was open conflict. Things since have settled down, but it’s said they are not to be trusted.

  • Bugbears
  • Goblins
  • Hobgoblins


  • Blackscale Tribe
  • Bluescale Tribe
  • Brownscale Tribe
  • Greenscale Tribe


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