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After the Arcanos Incident in the year 1502, the world lost almost all of the knowledge of magic. Technology filled in where it left off. The lost art was slowly recovered, and in the year 1684, gold was found to be magic in physical form. The year is now 1847, and with most of Irah’s gold depleted, many move out to the Ohria’s wild frontier seeking wealth digging for gold.

Crime and Punishment



Below are some notable townships.


Many Gods of old have died. This is mostly due to Ravensguard’s atheistic influence.

  • Lady of Virtue:
  • Olidammara: Olidammara is the other diety of old to survive the times long past. He too has taken over other aspects, and is usually paid homoge by outlaws, and law abiding gunslingers alike.
  • Saint Cuthbert: Of those still around, St. Cuthbert is the most dominant. His LN dogma is in many churches interpreted in a LG manner. This sect is usually called The Church of the Saint’s Light. Some say Pelor’s aspects were taken up by him, when pelor was killed in days past.
  • Devil/Demon Cults:

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