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Period Weapons

Weapon Price Damage Crit Range Cap Reload Properties Weight
Revolver $20 1d8 x4 20 ft. 6 Full 4 lbs.
Rifle $25 1d10 x4 80 ft. 1 Move 12 lbs.
Winchester Lever-action Rifle $40 1d10 x4 60 ft. 15 2 Full 10 lbs.
Single Barrel Shotgun $25 1d8 x2 20 ft. 1 Move Scatter 12 lbs.
Double Barrel Shotgun $35 1d8 x2 20ft. 2 Move Scatter 15 lbs.
Gatling Gun $1000 1d8 x4 60 ft. 40 Full See Description 60 lbs.
Stick of Dynamite 50¢ 2d6 x2 10ft. See Description 1lb.

Gatling Gun: This gun has two modes of operation, one shot and rotating. One shot acts as a ranged as normal. With rotating, the gun uses 20 ammo in one round, half of a magazine. These projectiles have an area of effect of a 120 ft. cone, that requires a Dexterity save of DC 15, on a fail save it deals weapon damage.

Stick of Dynamite: This dynamite has been packaged and fused for ease of carry. To use it, you must first light the fuse (a move action) and then throw it (usually a standard). After you light the fuse, the dynamite will detonate at the beginning of your next turn. When it does it does its damage to everything within 5ft. of its location. You can attach multiple sticks at once. For every additional stick, the explosion increases by 5 ft. and the damage is increased by 1d6. At 6 sticks, the bundle’s range increment drops to 5 ft. If you exceed 10 sticks, the bundle becomes unwieldy to throw, and loses its range increment. Damage caps at 20d6. Buying dynamite unfused and packaged to throw is 35¢ a pound.

Other Weapons

Melee weapons are available as usual. Their price is half their gp in $.

Weapon Upgrades

  • Upgrading a weapon to masterwork +$50
  • Fancy Grip +$10 or more.

Weapon Accessories

Box of bullets, 50 count: 50¢
Detonator, plunger: $10
Detonation wire (50’): $2.50
Gun belt: $2
Holster: $3
Quick-draw holster: $11
Rifle scabbard: $3
Shotgun thong: 25¢
Speed-load cylinder: $3


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